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Passiflorista began in 2007 as an eBay seller of passion vines. It became A Passion for Flowers* in 2011,
and expanded to include many other types of ornamental and fruiting tropical shrubs, trees, and vines. We now specialize in the rare and unusual, even some one-of-a-kind plants, often available nowhere else in North America. We grow for color, fragrance, fruit, and wildlife, so we rely on organic pesticides as much as possible, and avoid even those on our butterfly plants.

We are a family run nursery with just 3 employees, and still primarily a mail order business. However, when plants grow too big to ship, we hold local plant sales on Saturdays for our Tampa Bay customers. Our landscape-ready plants are priced to sell quickly, to make room for our mail order inventory. Local customers can also make appointments to purchase plants at the nursery any time of year. We will be glad to send a current plant/price list through Messenger or email.


Look for our sales advertised on our
Facebook business page:

If you don’t see the plant you’re looking for available on our website, check out our eBay and Etsy

* Florida Nursery Registration # 48029765

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